Leading on the Frontline

Life or Death Leadership Lessons for Business

With the clear mission of helping and inspiring business leaders, ‘Leading on the Frontline’ is a partnership forged from careers spent making life-or-death decisions

Inspiring Business Leaders

‘Leading on the Frontline’ offers executive and corporate audiences refreshingly candid views on how to elicit the very best from teams under extreme pressure. Delivered with contagious enthusiasm, James and Christian shine new light on problems and inspire individuals, academics, professionals, and corporate audiences to better manage themselves and their businesses through a crisis. This is a long-needed collaboration between two high-octane professions, who help others to think fast and act decisively.


Working at the intersection between academia and the real world, Leading On The Frontline have developed P.E.R.FORM, a framework and set of principles that enable peak performance during crisis.

Whilst the science that underpins this unique framework is presented, it is the insight as to how this relates pragmatically in the real world which adds real value. Having lived and breathed these principles over many years, Leading On The Frontline illustrate how individuals, teams and organisations are able to extract maximal value from themselves during periods of stress, pressure and crisis.


James and Christian’s individual stories had us at the edge of our seats the entire 90 minutes. The audience went through a full emotional rollercoaster while being struck with awe at the brave, skilful leadership each demonstrates in their own special fields. What an honour to be a part of their audience. I learnt more about leadership in crises from these guys than I may have over my entire career and the realisation that perspectives matter. It has been months since I first attended this talk, but it left me with an extremely meaningful lesson that has stayed with me – how to keep your head straight and lead your teams out of a major mess when they are relying on you. Highly recommend!

Aditi Mahajan

CEO , Emeralga BioTech

Buckle up! Heart-wrenching and jaw-dropping. This is a leadership talk like no other. James and Christian commanded a hushed silence and attentive respect from our usually rowdy crowd and that evening no one could speak of anything else. Whilst their experiences are extreme the message is very relatable and provides a novel viewpoint to even seasoned executives. Highly recommended!

Claire Stacey

Group Marketing Director, Avado

James and Christian were both brilliant speakers.  Throughout their talk it was clear they were both drawing on an immense depth of experience in highly stressful situations.  Their stories were incredibly helpful in articulating what, in fact, a great leader looks like under extreme pressure and how one could apply that to their everyday life.  I highly recommend seeing them ‘in action’ if you have the chance.

Dylan Kennett

Senior Associate, DLA Piper

A tremendously inspirational and insightful discussion by two practitioners of crisis leadership at the very top of their game. Different insights, but with a symbiosis that can be applied to a panoply of sectors and environments

Adam Calloway

Managing Director, Headland Engineering