Prepare. Execute. Recover

The key principles and tools that allow an individual, team and organisation to perform in times of acute stress, pressure or crisis.

Prepare. Execute. Recover. encompasses how to manage yourself and your team during situations of acute stress. It provides frameworks which allow a crisis response plan to be developed and implemented, and to subsequently debrief in order to learn as a team and an individual. It is a cycle that enables a culture of continuous improvement.


Performance in extremes is only possible when a strong foundation of psychological and physical wellbeing exists. You and your teams need to ensure that you are in the best form possible when a crisis hits, so that you can respond effectively.

FORM allows individuals to build a life that enables long term, sustainable high performance, based on the core principles of developing and maintaining resilience, health and wellbeing.

Workshops (Interactive) – Half-day or full day sessions:

  • The power of effective communication
  • The critical importance of the execute cycle
  • Leading remote teams effectively
  • Stress management in challenging situations
  • Leading through crisis
  • Optimising personal and team performance
  • The critical role of performance feedback

Corporate Events

  • Building and maintaining ‘strategic agility’
  • Surviving and thriving in high-pressure environments
  • Lessons learned from operating in a world-class, elite environment
  • Loyalty and teamwork
  • Decision-making in Ambiguity
  • ‘Least-worst options’ & ‘Redundant Deliberation’
  • ‘Readiness’ – preparation, simulation and practice

Executive Coaching (Individual or Team Coaching)

  • Building and maintaining personal resilience
  • Setting and achieving ambitious plans
  • Self-awareness and emotional intelligence
  • Situational/adaptive leadership
  • Difficult conversations and setting expectations

Academic Forum (Interactive)

  • MBA and executive education cohorts
  • University Courses in Leadership and Organisational Behaviour
  • Critical decision-making
  • Building and maintaining resilience
  • Clarity through Complexity, Ambiguity and Confusion